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Egypt 2011 Mission Report

On September, 30th 2011, Ain Shams University Hospitals in Cairo, Egypt received the well-trained and enthusiastic Surgical Volunteers International team, the team consisting of dedicated 13 advance medical stuff arrived at Ain Shams University Guest House early Friday morning following their mission to Mansura Pediatric hospital, A detailed discussion of the week’s agenda was held with an agreed upon 7:30 AM daily start time throughout their mission trip, and the anesthesiology team members went to the operative theater to set up the operating rooms for the quick start the next day, On October 1st ,2011, we held a joint clinic where we screened over than 100 cases of 1ry and 2ry cleft lip and palate cases, the clinic was composed of 3 stations one for surgeons, the two others for pediatrician and anesthetists, the clinic went really well and 70 cases were scheduled for surgery for the rest of the week, we started our operative day one on October 2nd, at 7:30 AM, we operated on 18 cases and we finished at 6:30 PM, the workload was pretty the same the next days, by October 5th the total no. of surgeries performed extended to 58, surgical volunteers performed most of the surgical procedures and assisted local doctors in many others, nearly all the medical supplies were provided from the SVI, as well as postoperative medications, we thank all the team members for providing us with the opportunity to work collaboratively with them on this medical mission, and for their extraordinary personal sacrifice of time, effort and money .

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